Fun & Functional Glass Creations 


I was fortunate to grow up amid the natural beauty of Colorado where I always enjoyed dabbling in various forms of media. After traveling overseas to Denmark as an exchange student and attending the University of Northern Colorado, I transferred to Michigan State University where I delved into various educational pursuits. I soon followed my heart and my husband to Nevada, where I began a career in advertising. After two children, I realized that I preferred dipping into my children's crayon box and soon found a way to balance a career in art, as well as a career at home. 
Now as an empty-nester, I delight in producing kiln-formed glass that is both functional and ornate. The sky's the limit in what I might create from day-to-day and that joyful spirit is reflected in my art, which is designed to inspire the creative soul in us all. I welcome the opportunity to live the life of an artist for the challenge it offers, as well as the daily inspiration it provides. I'm excited to feature my daughter Brierley McCubbins' photography in many of my pieces - adding a little more "soul" to the design!